Web Design

Hot or Not “In the Field”

Hot or Not PageHot or Not “In the Field” is an application that uses math and science according to the Geeks Golden Proportions to help one see in times where their sight may not be best.

Farmers Market

Farmers Market PageThis was a rebranding project. Taking the Mankato Farmers’ Market  and giving it it’s own identity and cultural feeling. The simple bright colors of the logo are meant to stand for the simple but fun atmosphere of the market while the organic textures show the homegrown elements.

Peaks Rewards Webmail

WebmailPeaks Rewards Program sends out an email to subscribed customers. When the email is opened it leads to the page  which shows specials, packages and lets you check your reward points.


Textorizer WebpageTextorizer is an Open Source program that you can input text and it will output an image of your choice using the font settings in the control panel. The original site is quite dull and unappealing to such a neat program. This version should be more appealing and attract more users.


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