Resolutions Newsletter

Resolutions NewsletterW o o d – L a n d – L a k e s  is a volunteer organization that works to save our woods, fields, plants, lakes, and streams. They work together to improve our natural environment cleaning it up and preserving it. The newsletter is a way to inform the public and get others involved .

Colonoscopy Clinic

Colonoscopy BillboardA clinic that I created to get the message out about Colon Cancer, which is very preventable if caught early and is treated correctly. A specialty clinic that informs the general public would prove to be very useful in preventing Colon Cancer and saving many lives.

Theatre and Dance

Theatre and Dance MailerThe objective was to come up with a different identity as well as a develop an alternative print-based solution that can be mailed. The solution I have presented reflects the essence of theatre and/or dance through the free flowing lines, bright colors and the underlining structure.

Adventure Outdoors Magazine

Adventure Outdoors MagazineThis magazine brings to you the lifestyle of an outdoor enthusiast. It shares destination hotspots for all sorts of sports. Along with destinations it gives you an inside peak at the newest gear for the upcoming season.

be Bath and Body

be Bath and Body ProductsBe sexy, be seductive, be irresistible. The product is meant to be marketed towards teens to younger adults that feel sex appeal is important. Its bold colors and sexual images are to appeal to this group and entice them to purchase the product so they can be the same.

Holey Balls Typeface

Holey Balls TypefaceHoley Balls is a typeface that was created from using three different size circles. The main circle(x height) is the same size for all letters and the bowls and bars are made from smaller sized circles.

Tazer Typeface

tazer typefaceUsing an existing Sans Serif typeface with some modifications Tazer was created. The font is meant to look like it is electrically charged with a bolt of energy running through it. All parts of the letter can be customized(any color) to suit your needs.

Convergence Construction

Convergence ConstructionIn this project we had to take the word “Converge” and turn it into a viable company with the word converge as part of the identity and the mark resembling the meaning of the word.



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