I’m movin

I now have a self hosted site. I will not be checking into this site as much. So follow me at danielbardondesigns.com



Bearded MeIt is time for me to stop looking like a bum and get rid of this ragged looking attempt of a beard I have been growing while participating in No Shave November. I am less than impressed with my ability to grow a full beard, maybe next year my will be better. People keep telling me to shave my beard and leave my mustache……….. I ask why?   Every answer is……. cuz  you will look like a Mexican. Really people??????…….  Answer this…….


I think I look more like Earl Hickey

Earl Hickey

No Shave November

BY THE BEARD OF ZEUS, I’m Looking Good!……      Oh yes folks it is that time of year again. We are nearly half way through this great month where we get to look like real rugged men. So why do we do it? Well its simple. Girls you get to wear pink for breast cancer.  Well for us Guys November lets us get in touch with our manly side. This month is dedicated to awareness for prostate cancer so guys you are doing it for a cause, tell the lady that if she gets on your back. Support the cause guys and sport that Grizzly Adams Beard.

Senior Show

Design By Danielle Moeller


In a Nutshell is the title of our show. Come check out all the spectacular work being presented by this years seniors. Graphic design, painting, printing, sculpture and clay, come see it all. Great opportunity to see what we have been doing with ourselves in the past year or so.






Above is a list of all the artist that will be presenting. There are two installs listed. I will be presenting for the second half. So make sure you at least stop in to see what I have breaking, making, thinking of, pretty much what I get to call school.

Happy Halloween

My carved pumkins for 2011.

Carved by Danny. Jaws on the right and a Bully on the left.

Some different ideas I came up with while carving pumpkins with my friend Lexy.  They took a lot longer than I was expecting and I lost my carving tool so that made things even more tricky. I came out of this experience with all my fingers and no loss of blood so it was a success.