About Me

Danny Bardon

I am a 24-year-old graphic design student attending Minnesota State University, Mankato. I plan on graduating this fall(2011) with a BFA(Bachelor of Fine Arts) Graphic Design with a second concentration in Painting and a (Bachelors Degree) in Marketing.

I pursued my art career after I finished my marketing degree and was unhappy with the outlook. I was much more interested in the process of making then selling the process. Although my main focus is Graphic Design, in my free time I enjoy spending my time throwing paint down on a canvas. I pretty much enjoy any form of art that lets me express myself through physical representation.

I will be graduating from Minnesota State University, Mankato majoring in Marketing and Graphic Design with a minor in Business Administration. My time at school was long and costly but I made many friends and important contacts along the way. I learned a great deal in both my fields and much about life as well. I am currently uncertain where my life will be heading but life is too short t0 worry about that. I am confident in myself and my work and I know I will end up somewhere doing what I love to do.


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